ADD_DEFINITIONS and kdevelop

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Sun May 9 21:44:57 BST 2010

On Sunday 09 May 2010 21:26:28 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Ok, baby got sick and all those things, but I have a minimal example now:
> Oh, I hope its well again.

Apparently, it had the 3-day-fever. The name was fitting, at least. She is 
well now :)

> Look at cmakeprojectvisitor.cpp, in particular line 587 and following.
> The reason is simply that we don't set the _DIR variable, though we do
> read it from the cache. Seems like this was missed during the
> implementation of the Config-Mode support. As I'm suffering from a cold
> right now and don't have a build at hand, I'll leave it to you to add a
> cache.set() call and submit a merge-request.

Hm. Apparently, the config-section only gets called if NO_MODULE is 
specifically added to the find_module() command. Even then, it doesn't pick up 
the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, nor KDevPlatform_DIR, so it appears to be unable to 
find the KDevPlatformConfig.cmake file. Or at least, it appeared to me like 
that, but it is getting too late for me I think. I will try next time the 
family permits.

Hope you get better soon :D

Kind regards, Esben

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