Kdve4 loads porject

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Tue Jun 1 06:15:47 UTC 2010

On Tuesday June 1 2010, Valentin Pavlyuchenko wrote:
> My friend had the same problem (lockup on loading some CMake
> projects), but he was unable to send CMake project files to
> bugs.kde.org. Anyway, such problem exists.
> --
> Best regards,
> Valentin Pavlyuchenko
> 2010/6/1 Nicolas Alvarez <nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com>:
> > Leon Pollak wrote:
> >> What may be the cause of the never ending "Loading Project NAME" process
> >> (and progress bar moving)?
> > 
> > Is the project open source? If so, can you post a link to it so I can try
> > to reproduce the problem?
Really sorry, but I can not post the sources.
Don't know if it is useful, but I attached the CMake file...
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