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Valentin Pavlyuchenko

2010/7/3 Valentin Pavlyuchenko <thevalik at gmail.com>:
> I have a patch that allows loading relative paths and does saving
> paths as relative (if inside of project dir).
> But there are few questions:
> 1. Should paths be converted when the project with absolute paths is opened?
> I think that should.
> 2. Another thing: if we will try to open projects with relative paths
> in an older KDevelop version, it will cause problems.
> I propose to change parameter names in kdev4 file (from BuildDirs to
> RelativeBuildDirs and from CurrentBuildDir to RelativeBuildDir).
> Old file format will be converted on opening.
> Is it ok?
> If it is - I will create a merge request.
> Best regards,
> Valentin Pavlyuchenko
> 2010/6/26 Andreas Pakulat <apaku at gmx.de>:
>> On 26.06.10 11:15:58, Valentin Pavlyuchenko wrote:
>>> Thanks for an answer!
>>> Will it be ok if I write a patch that will write relative paths in the
>>> following way: "$PROJECT_ROOT/blah/blah" (with appropriate
>>> substitution when reading)?
>> Sure, feel free to do so, please use gitorious.org Merge Requests for
>> submitting the patch. Unfortunately reading/writing is scattered all
>> over the codebase.
>> Actually I think there's a second report related to this that suggests
>> to make the paths relative to the project.kdev4 file (that is currently
>> created inside the project source directory). That allows for moving the
>> .kdev4 into a separate dir at a later point...
>> Andreas
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