kdevelop start-up + automatically adding dates

Raymond Wan r.wan at aist.go.jp
Thu Jul 1 03:34:06 BST 2010

Hi all,

I just moved from kdevelop 3 to 4 and there's something I use to do
which I don't know how to now.  Running it from the command-line, I
use to be able to type:

kdevelop foo.txt

and it will load that file for me.  Now, it reloads the previous
session instead.  It will load foo.txt for me only if I gave the full
pathname.  Is there a way to get "kdevelop foo.txt" to work through
some switch, setting, etc.

And I've seen  for a long time editors like emacs being able to add
the last saved date into the file at the moment that file is saved by
putting a special placeholder in the file.  (I'm not an emacs user, so
I can't remember what the placeholder is.)  Can kdevelop do something
similar, perhaps through a plugin, etc.?

Thank you!


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