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Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Feb 10 08:39:03 GMT 2010

On Tuesday February 9 2010, Mario Chacon wrote:
> If you want to I can help you with some items, but I am not so good to
>  write a tutorial. If I give you the steps, could you write the tutorial?
Hello, Mario.

I supposed that your mail and suggestion was intended to me personally.
Yes, I think, this is a good idea. Although I am working hard, but I should 
like to contribute to kdevelop project as kdevelop3 was a good project I used 
for years.
I spent a lot of time trying to build the cmake stuff for my kdevelop3 project 
and failed till now.

So, if I understand you correctly, you suggest that you will guide me in the 
process of transition from kdev3 to kdev4 and I will write some kind of 
tutorial which will explain what we have done together.

As my cross-development project is rather "multi-featured", the resulting 
document may be useful to other developers.

Do I understand you correctly?
> On Feb 9, 2010 8:46 AM, "Leon Pollak" <leonp at> wrote:
> On Tuesday February 9 2010, Alexander Puchmayr wrote:
> > HI there!
> >
> > Is there some FAQ regarding m...
> It will  be really great if there will be some volunteer which will help me
> too with exactly the same questions.
> I admit, that I studied the cmake manuals and examples and tried to do the
> same things with no success.
> I too will be very thankful for the explanation/example of these 5 items.
> This is the only thing that prevents me from transition to kdvelop4,
> although
> I really want this.
> Thanks.
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> Leon
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