library compiled from different directories cannot be build

Georg F├╝chsle giofyxle at
Thu Dec 9 16:38:26 GMT 2010

Hallo everybody,

my library compiled from different directories cannot be build:
gmake ends up with:

g++: No such file or directory
gmake[1]: *** [] Error 1

I added a new library (libsafirApi) to my project that should be
compiled from sources that are spread over different diretcories:

the file structure is approximately like the following:


Threre are sourcefiles only in safirApi and in
safirApi/de/safir/api/functions. (The structure is derived from a java
project that I am going to transfer to C++)

I tried to do the steps as described in:

I have made subprojekts for de, safir, api and functions
And I have created the corresponding targets libde, libsafir, libapi
and libfunctions (with Libtool/noinst  lib<dirname>.la)
It was necessary to add dummy sourcecode to the empty projects.

The main library has got a target (Program in bin

Now the subprojects are successfully build to the *.la files. But the
complete library (  is not assembled.

Can anybody give me a hint?



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