How to pass file name components to external tools in kdevelop3?

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at
Tue Oct 27 15:48:36 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'd like to run an external tool on some files I'm editing with kdevelop3.

I've added the tool using:
Settings -> Configure Kdevelop -> External Tools

and then added the menu text and the executable for the tool. The menu text is 
then displayed in the context menu of the tabs for the edited source files. 
What is missing and what I've not found in the docs is a way to specify the 
parameters so that the name/path of the current source file is passed to the 
call of the external tool.

For example, in M$ Visual Studio (don't beat me!) some macros called 
$(FileDir), $(FileName), $(FileExt), etc. can be used to specify parameters 
passed to an external tool. Those macros are then replaced by the associated 
components of the name of the currently edited file.

Can anyone give me a hint, please?



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