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On  07.03.09 19:02:57, DavJTanner at aol.com wrote:
> I am running Gentoo  linux.
> I recently emerged kde and kdevelop.  When  I invoke Qt designer, it is  
> defective.
> The buttons are blank.  I can't find any way to  make a new slot or  make 
> code.
>  Versions:
> kde: 3.5.9,
> kdevelop: 3.5.2,
> qt 4:  4.3.3,
> Qt designer: 4.3.3.
> This is probably a  Gentoo issue, but I wonder if you have heard of  it?

So you're  using the standalone Qt4 designer? If so I suggest to ask in  the
qt-interest list or file a bugreport with Gentoo. I've never seen  Qt4
designer have no icons on the buttons.

Note though that Qt4  designer doesn't support the same kind of
slot-creation that Qt3 designer  supported. You can instruct it to expect a
given slot, so it'll generate a  connect statement, but there's no
code-editing inside Qt4 designer, so you  have to declare and define the
slot outside (i.e. in kdevelop)  yourself.


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I used Qt4 designer because the new version of kdevelop connected me  to it 
(I hadn't visited kde/kdevelop in over 2 years).  I assumed this was  just the 
latest version of designer.  When the icons were missing, I  wondered what 
else could be missing in error.  Now that I know the omission  is not an error I 
say, "Without the code generating features of Qt3 desugener,  what good is 
it?"  I have subsequently found where Qt3 designer lives and  will see if it will 
work with Qt4.  I am also really turned off by the  "scattered windows" 
interface of Qt4 designer.
I found the solution to the missing icons on the Gentoo forums:
(http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-566618-highlight-designer.html)  (the  last 
post).  Why this happened in the distribution and what the fix  does is "black 
magic" to me. And the emerge with the new USE  options, offered other issues.  I 
like Gentoo, but when things don't work  right, it becomes very frustrating.  
I guess this criticism applies to all  of linux.
Thanks for your reply.
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