cannot debug c++ project on solaris when expat is linked

Andre Poenitz andre.poenitz at
Wed Jun 10 23:32:27 BST 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 12:01:12AM +0200, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Is it possible that I have got a bad expat-version when installing the
> > KDE-Environment to Solaris?
> > 
> > Did the installation of KDevelop to Solaris destroy the debugging program?
> No, KDevelop doesn't "destroy" gdb (assuming thats the debugger). Sounds
> like there's some Solaris-specific problem between your app, expat and gdb
> as I don't know of any KDevelop/Solaris user you might get more help asking
> the KDE/Solaris people or in some Solaris forum.

A while ago (gdb 6.5? I forgot...) there was a problem the gdb lost the
ability to use string literals when the _debugged program_ contained a
function called 'malloc' in some C++ namespace (different from the
global one) if that 'malloc' did not behave as the global one. Sounds
funny, but the reason was that gdb called the inferior's 'malloc' to 
copy data to the inferiors address space and due to its ...
'insufficient awareness of C++' it just picked the first function of
that name even if the mangled name would be completely different.

This is fixed in recent versions, but I would not be surprised if
similar effects depending on the presence of certain symbols were
still around.

What version of gdb is that btw?


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