cannot debug c++ project on solaris when expat is linked

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Jun 10 23:01:12 BST 2009

On 09.06.09 12:13:05, Georg F├╝chsle wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have moved my C++ project on solaris to KDevelop. Now I cannot debug my
> project anymore.
> Doing several tests I found out that this depends on whether the
> library 'expat' is
> linked or not.
> If I make a simple 'hallo world' project it can be debugged. then when
> I link expat
> to this project, the debugger will no more be able to start this
> program. The debugger gives the message 'project exited' without
> stopping at the first line of my project.
> But I can run the program if it is started without step mode even it
> is compiled from the same 'debug'- configuration.
> I did the same on Suse-Linux. There is no problem debugging the
> project with expat there.
> Before I used on Solaris eclipse with an c++-plug-in for compilation
> and debugging. Now also in this environment a project cannot be
> debugged when the library 'expat' is linked.
> Is it possible that I have got a bad expat-version when installing the
> KDE-Environment to Solaris?
> Did the installation of KDevelop to Solaris destroy the debugging program?

No, KDevelop doesn't "destroy" gdb (assuming thats the debugger). Sounds
like there's some Solaris-specific problem between your app, expat and gdb
as I don't know of any KDevelop/Solaris user you might get more help asking
the KDE/Solaris people or in some Solaris forum.


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