cannot debug c++ project on solaris when expat is linked

Georg F├╝chsle giofyxle at
Tue Jun 9 11:13:05 BST 2009


I have moved my C++ project on solaris to KDevelop. Now I cannot debug my
project anymore.

Doing several tests I found out that this depends on whether the
library 'expat' is
linked or not.

If I make a simple 'hallo world' project it can be debugged. then when
I link expat
to this project, the debugger will no more be able to start this
program. The debugger gives the message 'project exited' without
stopping at the first line of my project.

But I can run the program if it is started without step mode even it
is compiled from the same 'debug'- configuration.

I did the same on Suse-Linux. There is no problem debugging the
project with expat there.

Before I used on Solaris eclipse with an c++-plug-in for compilation
and debugging. Now also in this environment a project cannot be
debugged when the library 'expat' is linked.

Is it possible that I have got a bad expat-version when installing the
KDE-Environment to Solaris?

Did the installation of KDevelop to Solaris destroy the debugging program?

Can anybody give me a hint?

Thanks giofyxle

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