Areas and Working Sets: why?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Dec 18 13:08:37 GMT 2009

On 18.12.09 11:52:08, dyle wrote:
> But the KDevelop offers many more great stuff so I want to use it.
> Summary: please can anyone point me to an URL holding an explanation, 
> - why this Areas are good?

Because they allow you to group views, especially toolviews depending on
what you want to do. For example I don't want or need a "Variables"
toolview while I'm coding. Area's give a nice way of switching between
different things I want to do inside the IDE and storing the UI layout I've
used when I last debugged/coded.

> - why Working Sets are good?

Note: I don't use them.

Presumly they allow you to easily switch between different sets of files.
So for example you work on feature X and along the way notice bug Y. Now
you first want to fix bug Y before going on with the feature, so you close
your workingset (which has all files necessary to work on feature X) and
start a new one by opening a file that you need to fix bug Y.

In current svn I didn't see any problems with simply not using them, i.e.
always working in the same workingset (except when switching areas).

> - why I can't disable them both?

I guess we could have an option to disable automatic area switching. But
completely disabling them is not possible as they are indeed an integral
part of the UI shell that kdevelop uses.


Just to have it is enough.

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