Areas and Working Sets: why?

dyle dyle at
Fri Dec 18 10:52:08 GMT 2009

#!/bin/hi *

Referring to,32806,32807 I
don't see the benefit of having Review, Debug and Code areas as well as
Working Sets.

I want to disable this feature completely since I think I don't need them
but hinder me more than support me. In fact, I'm using KDevelop only for
debugging now, because of its great integration with gdb. Up to KDev3 I was
also coding with it, but this Area/Workingset thing drove me away. I'm
currently using Kate and Vim to code, but would like to use KDev4 again.

With KDev4 switching from one Working Set to another and/or from one Area
to another feels like a Kernel context switch. When I tried coding with
KDev4 I winded up, having several Working Sets with (for me unmeaning)
icons. Now, in order to edit a file, I click the file ... not the Working
Set icon which (maybe?) contains the file. This, of course, opens the file
in the current Working Set, which I don't care off. In order to debug a
fresh new portion of code I just place a breakpoint and call Debug ...
without the need to switch to the Debug area. If I want to have my list of
variables on the left pane I just add it ... regardless if I'm in the Debug
or Code area. This resulted in opening the File Hierarchy list in the Code
Area, invoking "Debug" and been surprised that the list just vanished -
KDev4 switched magically to the Debug area, changing my view I have just
(accidently in the Code Area?) set up.

So for me, this techniques are confusing, irritating and annoying and as
this seems a very integral part of KDevelop4 with rather intrusive behavior
I turned away from KDevelop and switched to Kate and Vim.

But the KDevelop offers many more great stuff so I want to use it.

Summary: please can anyone point me to an URL holding an explanation, 
- why this Areas are good?
- why Working Sets are good?
- why I can't disable them both?

I want KDevelop been KISS again.



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