Relative Paths

Adelle Hartley adelle at
Mon Jul 14 13:45:13 BST 2008

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 12.07.08 18:00:31, Adelle Hartley wrote:
>> I've created a hello world cmake project and checked it into my svn
>> repository.
>> Now when another user checks it out to their /home/them and builds the
>> project, it builds the project in /home/me !!!???
>> How can I make it so that the project gets built in whatever folder it is
>> in?
> You probably checked in too much from the project. I'm not sure atm how
> the cmake templates work, but you shouldn't check in the "build" folder
> into svn if that one exists. You need to run cmake on the commandline
> after a checkout to produce a buildfolder and setup the path to it in
> KDevelop's project configuration to use the build feature.

Thanks.  Should I check in the ".kdevelop" file, or create a separate 
one for each user?


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