Compiler Output - Error messages not displayed

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Feb 19 16:18:29 UTC 2008

On 19.02.08 09:26:30, Alvin Beach wrote:
> I have just been told by a coworker that scilab is experiencing the
> same problem. That is, it no longer reports the error message, just
> the function where the error occurs.
> I know that this has nothing directly to do with KDevelop. However, if
> someone could shed some light on what KDevelop uses/does to populated
> the Compiler Output, than that might point me to where I can start
> investigating the cause of the problem. I am wondering if it has to do
> with some 3rd party package?

It simply reads the standard output and standard error output from the

If you select something other than "full make output" in the KDevelop
settings dialog then its also parsed and some parts are left out,
however this shouldn't happen for error messages.

One thing you could try: Open Settings->KDevelop and make sure that
"Force english compiler output" is activated. If its already been
activated I'm out of ideas, if it wasn't activated before and is now
recheck wether output now is shown properly. If so please file a
bugreport on (then I've broken something in the output
widget, though it worked when I tested it).


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