Compiler Output - Error messages not displayed

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Feb 15 14:02:52 UTC 2008

On 15.02.08 09:31:57, Alvin wrote:
> When I compile a custom project, the output pane no longer displays the 
> compiler error messages. For Automake projects, I have to compile twice to 
> see the messages. All my code is C++, so I use g++.
> All I see is just the function where an error has occurred, but not the other 
> information (line number, error message, etc.). Here is an example of what I 
> see:
>    canvas_functions.cpp: In function 'void plot_cubes()'
> If I issue 'make' in the embedded console, I see the error messages.
> I have tried setting the output to "Full Compiler Output" but the errors still 
> do not show.
> Anyone else experiencing this as well?

IIRC I had introduced such a problem when I was working on the output
stuff lately. However there was - afaik - no package created from the
broken version. 

Anyway, I hope Amilcar will soon do an update, as 3.5.1 is going to be
released very soon (its already been tagged in svn). That will have the
fix for sure.


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