debugger options tied to configure options - wish

kitts kitts.mailinglists at
Sun Feb 3 06:35:37 UTC 2008

In my recent experience with developing for embedded systems using the 
KDevelop IDE i felt the need for debugger options to be tied to configure 
options (or any other build manager). Let me explain...

When developing for embedded systems typically apart from the usual debug and 
release build, there are debug for ram and debug for flash. ie. the code may 
be executed in RAM or in ROM and the linker script is differrent in each 
Second, we typically use a gdbinit script and this script is again differrent 
for RAM and ROM (where it first needs to program the flash before starting 

I currently use the cmake build system (the lack of a cmake plugin requires me 
to manually reconfigure the build) and i can switch the linker scripts but i 
also need to edit project options to use the other gdbinit.

So, would it be possible to link the debugger settings with the build system 
settings, assuming that the cmake plugin in future will allow to have 
multiple build folders/settings similar to the automake plugin.

Ps. I really long for being able to checkin the project files into a VCS for 
easier maintenance!

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