"Find in files" exits with status 123 on Ubuntu Gutsy

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Tue Oct 23 00:32:37 BST 2007

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> What happens if you put a couple of files into a foo.tmp and then
> execute
> cat foo.tmp | grep -v ....
> Does that also produce the error? If so something with your grep, egrep
> or xargs is wrong. Thats not a kdevelop bug.

It works and yields the expected results when I fill .grep.tmp with a
list of files first and invoke the search manually.

$ find -name '*.h' -or -name '*.c' > .grep.tmp
$ cat .grep.tmp | grep -v -e '/CVS/' -e '/SCCS/' -e '/\.svn/' \
      -e '/_darcs/' | xargs egrep -H -n -s -e 'PyImport_'

However the grepview plugin replaces the file with a file that contains
only elements from the root directory of my project. recursive is enabled.

It also works if I disable "limit search to project files". I've created
the project by importing a svn checkout of the Python trunk.

I'd say it's not a bug in grepview but a problem with in the importer.
It didn't add all *.c and *.h files to my project, just the one header
file in the root directory.


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