Adding existing classes to a project

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Nov 30 10:39:57 GMT 2007

On 29.11.07 17:17:06, Phil wrote:
> Now, I've run into a problem with a new project that uses the serial 
> QextSerialPort class. Older projects compile and run as they used to but not 
> the new one. Perhaps the problem is due to the way in which I have added the 
> serial class to my project.
> What I've done is to copy all of the QextSerialPort.cpp and .h files to the 
> "/my_project/src" directory and then use the automake manager to add those 
> files to my project. There are no library files included with the 
> QextSerialPort class, at least not with the version that I'm using.

Did you use your application target and add them there? Do they show up
in the automake manager?

> Adding to a project like this has always worked in the past without any 
> problems. Could it be that I have been lucky to get away with an incorrect 
> method in the past but now, due to stricter checking, I have a problem? I 
> can't see anything in the documentation that I have that relates to this.
> Finally, I notice that "build active target" does not compile the serial 
> class in my new project. It does with the older projects.

Try running Automake&Friends and then Configure again from the
buildmenu. It might be that for some reason thats not done when simply
building the target.


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