Adding existing classes to a project

Phil phillor at
Thu Nov 29 07:17:06 GMT 2007

Thank you for reading this.

I've recently upgraded Mandriva 2007.1 to version 2008.0 which includes 
Kdevelop version 3.4.1.

Now, I've run into a problem with a new project that uses the serial 
QextSerialPort class. Older projects compile and run as they used to but not 
the new one. Perhaps the problem is due to the way in which I have added the 
serial class to my project.

What I've done is to copy all of the QextSerialPort.cpp and .h files to the 
"/my_project/src" directory and then use the automake manager to add those 
files to my project. There are no library files included with the 
QextSerialPort class, at least not with the version that I'm using.

Adding to a project like this has always worked in the past without any 
problems. Could it be that I have been lucky to get away with an incorrect 
method in the past but now, due to stricter checking, I have a problem? I 
can't see anything in the documentation that I have that relates to this.

Finally, I notice that "build active target" does not compile the serial 
class in my new project. It does with the older projects.


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