'continue' command problem

Nick Roberts nickrob at snap.net.nz
Mon Jun 25 08:51:32 BST 2007

 > Nick, 
 > I think your "async branch" is supposed to emit "^running" in all possible
 > cases.  Is that the case, and if so, do you think that improvement can be
 > ported to gdb mainline quickly?

I've abandoned the branch but have a much smaller patch that does something
similar.  It should emit all asynchronous records but I'm not sure what
what happens inside a user-defined command.

It's not really a quick fix for a specific problem but a different approach
to a more general one.  The patch is at:


and there has been more recent discussion about it on gdb-patches this month
(Re: async patch (no. 4)).

I have a working copy so I can send you a current patch privately if you want
to try it out.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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