Setting up workspace with subprojects for shared lib and test app

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Jun 8 21:49:30 BST 2007

On 08.06.07 16:00:49, linux at wrote:
> My background is Windows programming with Visual C++.  I have some  
> linux coding experience but virtually none in using KDevelop to manage  
> my projects,builds etc.
> With Visual C++, what I would usually do when writing a shared library  
> was create an empty workspace, then create a project within the  
> workspace for the dll project, then create, also withing the workspace  
> a project for a test app which I used to test the dll.
> Having read numerous FAQs, forum postings etc. (most of which said  
> read the faq) I am no closer to being able to do this in KDevelop than  
> when I started.
> Can I use KDevelop to:

No. KDevelop3 supports only 1 project at a time. You can however create
two subdirectories, one for the library the other for the application.
How to do that depends on the buildsystem you want to use.

> Also, I would like to keep my source code segregated like this:
> $(MYPROJECTSPACE)/testproject/src
> $(MYPROJECTSPACE)/testproject/src/mytestapp
> $(MYPROJECTSPACE)/testproject/src/mysharedlib

No problem, except that the first part doesn't exist. How you layout
your project is totally up to you.


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