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Tao Man Li dutt at
Thu Jul 19 23:18:59 UTC 2007

H, Kdevelop developers:

 A newbie has just finished an application progammed with KDevelop C++(kdevelop
3.x + QT3.x ) on Fedora4.The program runs well and Build->install the
standalone program also runs well.visit to
have a look of the program.(still in alpha phase)
if you would like to.
But there is a drawback: the program link icon can ONLY appear in KDE
session underUtilities group, NOTHING in the gnome session menu. So far
as I can figure out is that it is done when Build->install:
creating /usr/share/applnk/Utilitiesinstalling

The myappname.desktop normally will decide whee the application link icon
is.But where in KDeveolp to configure it ? Will KDevelop be broad-mined
enough to let this
application icon also show in Gnome desktop menu ?
Is there a way that this link icon can be put in ANY group I preferred,such
as in Programming, so that BOTH GNOME and KDE can display the menu icon?
Thank you for your attentionYours O'Li
a listed member of kdevelop at

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