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Alvin alvinbeach at
Thu Feb 8 13:20:52 GMT 2007

On Thursday 08 February 2007 08:09:54 Bernd Schubert wrote:
> Hi,
> somehow I think codecompletion tries to complete too much. All I need is
> showing the arguments of a function and showing members of a structure or
> class.
> So for a function: When I type "my_func(", ONLY now arguments should be
> shown, but only as help. Long ago in the past it was that way.
> For a structure: When I type "my_struct->", as above, show arguments after
> I typed the "->".
> Whats happens right now, I type "my_func(", nothing happens,
> further "my_func(my_struct" and already now the selector appears and shows
> the type of the structure. But I already finished typing, not only that the
> auto completion confuses, it also actively forces more keystrokes or
> mouseclicks then without autocompletion.
> Is there a way to disable auto completion for everything else than
> typing "func(", "stuct->" or "struct."?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bernd

What version of KDevelop are you using? I'm using 3.4 and I find it works 
_too_ good now, as compared with the last version.

The only gripe I have with it is that I have still have some problems with 
namespaces, but not nearly as often as the previous version. For example, if 
I have an object Bar b and Bar is in the namespace Foo. Sometimes when I do 
b.<ctrl+space> I get the members of Bar, but sometimes I don't. Seems 
intermittent. However, if I declare b as Foo::Bar b; then I always get the 
list of members.

As for argument listing, I believe I always get least when I get the 
code completion for the object.

I don't know if this will help, but I use the following settings:

[ ] Automatic Code Completion
[ ] List global items when performing automatic completion
[x] Do complete member-type-evaluation
[x] Do complete argument-type-evaluation

[x] Automatic argument hint: 250 msec
[x] Show comment with argument hint

[ ] Show type evaluation in status bar
Namespace alias list: std=_GLIBCXX_STD;__gnu_cxx=std
[ ] Preprocess included headers
Custom include paths: .;

You'll notice that I turned off Automatic code completion. Now I press 
ctrl+space when I want the list.

My only request is that the comment for the argument hint be cleaned before it 
is displayed. For example, the beginning doxygen tags exclamation mark could 
be stripped from the comment in the argument hint. This is the '!' in "/*!". 
Also an '*' characters be stripped as well. For example, I tend to box my 
function documentation with ***** (after /*!) and ****/ where the series of 
asterices extend to about column 79.  Here's an example:

 * <doxygen style documentation here>

These are only minor issues. I'm very pleased with the progress that has been 
made to the code completion. Great work KDevelop team!


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