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Giovanni Venturi jumpyj at tiscali.it
Fri Apr 20 20:03:08 BST 2007

Is it possible to delay the kde 3.5.7 tagging later than 30th April? There are 
too much messages in KDevelop (about 1000) to fix it's impossible to finish 
in time.

Another question.

What does "Blacklisted files/dirs" means? I thought an email can be 
blacklisted, a nickname on IRC, and so on but not a file or directory... What 
is the sense of this message?


P.S.: a suggestion to the developer: can you comment a not clear message :) ?


QString   i18n (const char *comment, const char *text)


and for KDE 4: 

P.S.: I'm not sunscribed to these ml, so CC me
A KDE Italian translator and KSniffer core developer
Slackware GNU/Linux current version - kernel
KDE Italian website webmaster/sysadmin - http://www.kde-it.org/
KSniffer Website webmaster/sysadmin - http://www.ksniffer.org/
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