Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Thu Apr 19 15:30:51 BST 2007

> This last version still suffers from this very very unpleasant disorder
> with
> break points disbalance in KDevelop and underlying gdb. AFAIK, it is the
> main
> issue, which makes its usage seriously problematic - I can never be sure
> that
> breakpoints are set correctly.
Please report this bug to the bug database and be sure to state that is
does not work with the latest SVN branch from 19.04.2007

> The problem that they can not be removed is
> also a problem, but not so significant...
Please report this in a separated bug report.

> Still
> no green cursor at its correct position in most of the cases, but blinking
> cursor is there indicating the break place.
Do you have a left margin on the text ? If not, then please try to get it,
by showing line numbers for example.

> A small question: the lowest tab (debugger, bp, ctags, etc.) in all cases
> does
> not need to take the full width of the screen - there are no so long texts
> to
> be displayed. Contrary, the "automake manager" for example, needs a lot of
> height as there is usually a lot of project files. Is it possible to
> make "automake manager" overlap the gdb tab and not vice verse as today?
No there is no way to do that in KDevelop 3.4.x because we simplified the
UI layer


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