Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Tue Apr 17 19:17:35 BST 2007

>> > Please, can one of the developers say - when the 3.4 brunch will have
>> > some improvements released?
>> We released last week (only binaries available for suse and
>> mandriva) did you see that ?
> No.
> But I downloaded from the kdevelop site using the link called "Current
> development version (HEAD)".

Now I understand why you could not compile it, that version is not meant
for kde 3.x

> The file was called kdevelop-635840. After
> compilation and installation it calls itself as version 3.3.6 (?). Is it
> what
> you meant?

No, that version is supposed to be kdevelop 4.0 and it should very hard to
compile it if you do not have kde 4.0 installed (not released yet).

The version you should try to use is either KDevelop from here:

or the SVN (improved) version of it here:

All other versions are either too new or too old for you.


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