Could not create language plugin for C++

Nikos Zarkadas zarko at
Sat Apr 14 11:41:23 BST 2007

O/H Andreas Pakulat έγραψε:
> On 13.04.07 12:21:43, Nikos Zarkadas wrote:
>> I get this message after the last kdevelop build from svn yesterday.
>> Is this an error from svn sources or my system need something else?
> This tells you that the C++ plugin could not be loaded. There may be
> various reasons for this to happen, the most common ones are improper
> setting of KDEDIRS when installing KDevelop outside the KDE prefix and
> missing libraries of the c++ support plugin. The plugin is in
> kdevelop-installdir/lib/kde3/, you can check with
> ldd if all its dependecies can be found. Also running KDevelop from a
> shell and looking at the output it generates might help.
> Andreas
The problem is Solved!
db-4.4 and db-4.5 mixed up and create this problem.
I reinstall the old db version rebuild the kdevelop
and solve the problem.
Thanks for you help.

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