Documentation API

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Tue Oct 31 17:00:39 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 18:28, Paulo J. Matos wrote:
> - I can generate the program API docs through the Build API docs in
> Project tab but I can't find a way to actually see the docs through
> kdevelop. Is this possible?
Look at the documentation toolview (on the right side), you should have 
a link to project docs there. Just check that project documentation options
are set in the project settings dialog.

> - I have a SVN based project but when I try to set this in the project
> options is seems it doesn't recognise any CVS because there's none to
> select on the list. How an I set this up?
Hmm, you miss vcs plugins, check if you have
in <kdev_install_dir>/lib/kde3

> - My have named by C++ files .cc, .hh, .hpp (for header containing lot
> of inlined code) but it seems that kdevelop is not recognizing these
> for highlighting purposes. How can I set this up?
What version of KDE and KDevelop do you have?
On KDE 3.5 I have highlighting for .cc and .hpp here.
Anyway, go to editor settings -> highlighting, choose sources/c++
and edit your file extension list.

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