Compile error for KDevelop 3.4 SVN

Thomas McGuire Thomas.McGuire at
Wed Oct 25 16:40:04 BST 2006


Am 25.10.2006 16:09 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> Install libdb4.4-dev and build against libdb4.4. I don't think kdevelop
> supports 3.x anymore (even though configure --help might say
> otherwise)..
Yes, configure says
>checking for Berkeley DB >= 3... configure: error: no - please install Berkeley DB >= 3 and <= 4.1
Somebody should change that to "please install Berkeley DB >= 4.4" (or whatever version is supported).
It is very confusing.

Afterwards installing libdb4.4, make also stopped with the following error:
>kdevdesigner/designer/mainwindow.cpp:117:30: error: qassistantclient.h: No such file or directory
Which means there is a missing configure check for qt assistant (I guess).

After installing qt assistant and designer, kdevelop compiled without problems.

Thanks for the fast help!


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