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Thu Nov 30 07:07:21 GMT 2006

On Monday 11 December 2006 12:23, Richard Dale wrote:
> On Monday 11 December 2006 08:20, Oliver Eichler wrote:
> > Hi Ralph,

> > What's so hard to just accept QDevelop as it is?
> I think that's what we've agreed to do. KDevelop might be a project staffed
> by volunteers, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take it seriously. The
> issue of Visual Studio vs KDE Studio doesn't matter because nobody is going
> to assume that one is derived from the other. It is only because the Qt lib
> is a subset of the KDE libs, then you might think that something named
> QFoobar is related to another project called KFoobar.

Oliver, you probably misunderstood me. I once put in a lot of work into that 
project, but that was in the past, so today I don't have the right to tell 
anyone putting his work into the same project what to do with it. If someone 
thinks something needs to be done or not done, do it the way you think. 

My time is fully covered with other stuff like a wife and two kids plus 
running a company. If you have reached a similar state in life, you will 
understand that having time for free software projects (if you don't make a 
living out of it) is a luxury that most people can't afford when they are 
married ;-)

So, please just take my mail as an information about trademark issues and what 
you do with that information is up to the guys running the project (which is 
not me anymore ;-)

> -- Richard
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