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Thu Nov 30 04:59:44 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 18:25, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> > 2. I really fail to see whats so unique in "kdevelop" word that nobody
> > can use "[A-Z]develop" from now on; it's obvious that people will presume
> > its an IDE for QT (thats the first thing it crossed my mind) and I dont
> > see any problem with that
> I guess we can close this discussion. "KDevelop" name is not copyrighted
> but to avoid confusion (about source code bases) I've asked QDevelop
> author to add a paragraph onto the website with explanation and
> I think that's perfectly enough (see


I've noticed QDevelop also recently and also fell over the discussion here. 
I'm not acitve any more because life changes, but on that issue I'd like to 
throw in at least my input as I started writing KDevelop from the beginning.

I would like to remind that as soon as you start using a name, it has the 
legal status like a trademark, you can claim the first use (and also the 
trademark). So, KDevelop is actually to be seen as a trademark.

The second thing is, that the KDE e.V. has been (re)activated to also protect 
the name KDE as a trademark as well as the most important projects which are 
(loosely) tied to KDE, namely KOffice and KDevelop. So, I would suggest you 
guys contact the KDE e.V. Board and carry the discussion over, so we would 
not loose the trademark by knowingly accepting someone else to use a name 
similar to the trademarked name KDevelop (which is what is legally happening 
if you get to know someone is potentially violating a non-trademarked 
trademark).  I'm sure you can get to an agreement with the author, because it 
is not bad will to ask a name change but to protect the trademark of KDevelop 
that would otherwise be endangered. Besides that, the project QDevelop is a 
copy in itself enough that I wouldn't really like someone to also make the 
name so similar that it really seems to be a 1:1 copy with a different name. 
Not even The Kompany has been so blunt with their KDE Studio at the time when 
they tried to make a commercial development environment that was aimed at 
copying KDevelop's features and look to ride on the work that free developers 
did for free and make money out of that.

Just in case, I'm CC'ing Eva, so maybe she can add her input here.

Thanks for listening,

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