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Subject: Beginning KDevelop Programming ( Technical Preview )
Date: Tuesday 09 May 2006 13:13
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The first six chapters of my book Beginning KDevelop Programming are nearly
ready for the developer preview and should be ready by the end of next week
at the latest.

The book itself is based from the Official Suse Linux 10 release and is
aimed at people who know c++ but nothing about Linux or KDE. The idea behind
this partial release is to get the first few chapters out while still
relevant to Suse 10 as I am not expecting to finish before the release of
Suse 11 and probably KDE 4.

Currently the book is over 180 pages and is a 10 meg pdf ( ish )

Current Timetable is,

Next Week or so release Developer Preview so that KDE developers can give it
the once over and check technical accuraccy, point out things they would
like to see and maybe offer tips for the "Tip of The Day" sections.

May :- Begin to edit The first six chapters. Clean up and package demo code,
.html and .odf versions.
June/July Release version 0.3 hopefully this will be put on the KDE site.

The idea is that the book will eventually ship with KDE as part of KDevelop.
Currently as I have no way of posting the pdf on the net people will have to
email me at the senders address and I'll send it to them although if there
is a place I could upload it to and then people could just download it from
there it would be easier all round.


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