Tooltip for function parameter list

jsmith435 at jsmith435 at
Sun May 7 00:29:22 BST 2006


I would like to find out how difficult it would be to enhance the tooltip that 
displays for the function's parameters so that the tooltip displays the 
parameter names you have supplied in bold and the parameters that you still 
need to supply in the source in normal (not bold) text.

Right now, when you enter say myfunc( the tooltip displays but disappears as 
soon as type something and it doesn't seem to reappear.

For examples, I believe eclipse and their CDT project does this, as well as 
the infamous Windows tools.

I would class me as a newbie or extended newbie C++ programmer.  I'd 
appreciate your thoughts about if this is something a newbie could reasonably 
accomplish or not.  Also, I have not looked at kdevelop's source yet, so if 
you have any pointers as to where to look to implement this those tips would 
be appreciated as well.



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