Kdevelop3: Build->Install installs in /usr/local/kde

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 19:24:02 BST 2006


I am quite new to programming in Qt with Kdevelop. In Kdevelop, if I 
make a hello world application and do Build->Install, I notice that it 
makes a /usr/local/kde directory and installs the application and 
related resources within that directory.

Is this usually how it is done?

How do I change this behavious? I am thinking keeping /usr/local clean 
and letting the kde directory be formed in my $HOME/local/. Suggestions 
are welcome.

Finally, if I leave the installation directory in kdevelop unchanged, 
how do I 'uninstall' a project which has been installed by 
Build->Install? In other words, does a menu option exist which removes 
all files from /usr/loca/kde which were installed using Build->Install?

I am using kdevelop3, version 3.2.2, on Debian Etch.


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