Source Formatter : Linux style with TAB indenting

Dizzy dizzy at
Sun Jul 2 17:43:30 BST 2006


I am trying to get kdevelop to reformat my code using the source 
formatter feature with a style which is completely identical to the 
built-in "Linux" style except to use TABs for indentation (instead of 
8 spaces which I find it rather... "strange" as a default choice for 
an indentation style).

Anyway, I thought that using the "user defined" style and with the 
options within I can reproduce the Linux style with TABs but I am 
unable to. It seems that "user defined" style doesnt allow enough 
options to reproduce the built-in styles (and in particular 
the "Linux" builtin style). The option which seems that it's missing 
in the "user defined" style is to set if access modifiers (public:, 
private:, protected: and probably signal: etc in the extended C++ 
version of QT/moc) are indented or not (I whould to make them not 
indented as the "Linux style" has them).

Please help!

Mihai RUSU					Email: dizzy at
			"Linux is obsolete" -- AST

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