How to create multiple instances of a static members?

kitts kitts at
Sat Feb 11 19:24:12 GMT 2006

On Saturday 11 February 2006 18:12 IST, Eike Welk wrote:
> What about a separate root class for the trees? The root object of
> each tree contains the "special" object (that you wanted to be
> static). The other nodes in the tree contain pointers to the
> "special" object.

This is an option. I come from programming primarily in C for some embedded 
systems with highly constrained memory. Hence, my mindset is to reduce 
memory consumption. Time to change.... :-)

Thinking about it... What then happens if a class that contains static 
members is present in a system shared library? Are the static members 
shared between applications/processes??!!! :-O

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