KDevelop 3.4 RC2

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Dec 27 11:29:11 GMT 2006

On 27.12.06 12:25:20, Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Thursday 21 December 2006 14:30, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> > It contains many new features and a 256 less bugs.
> >  There are two deprecations:
> >  - No more MDI interface modes, the only mode available is "simpleIDEAl"
> As we are forced to use this "simpleIDEAl" mode (although the full IDEAl was 
> much better even with bugs),

IMHO it wasn't working better. And this was a decision to make life
easier for users and developers, because we wouldn't have fixed any
kmdi-bugs, because nobody knows the code really and kmdi itself is in
kdelibs anyway.

> then, please, answer some questions:
> 1. How the tabs spread over the screen sides is defined (I mean why, for 
> example, diff is at the bottom)?

Which diff? What do you mean with spread of the sides?

> 2. How I can close unnecessary tabs (for example, application tab)?

Some disappear when you disable the according plugin, but the
application tab is from a core plugin and can't be disabled. The same
for the messages tab. But why is that a problem?

> 3. How/where is defined that, for example, bottom tab is spread over all 
> bottom part of the screen, while left and right are overlapped by bottom?

In Qt3, the mainwindow uses Qt's dockwidgets and there's no way to
change that.


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