KMDI bugs (Was: Remarks on 3.3.93)

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Wed Dec 13 19:38:01 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 21:40, kitts wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 00:53 IST, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> > Two completely different codebases. Feel free to compare:
> > Simple is part of kdevelop:
> >
> > KMDI is in kdelibs:
> >
> Eeks! I don't understand much from that. I've barely ever written a program
> with GUI. Thanks for those links anyway. :-)
What Jens was trying to show you is that kmdi codebase is too old, too
complicated and hard to understand and fix ;)
Other than that kmdi ideal has toolview focusing problems, does not
remember the state of the toolviews (opened/closed, width, overlap, etc.),
has significant problems with undocked toolview layouts, etc. 
It's also slower than anything else. Kate devels reported problems 
with xinerama. The list of problems is just too long ;)

> > Fun fact: KMDI was originally a Qt2 library, written and maintained on
> > Windows, that was ported to Qt3 and hasn't had a fulltime maintainer
> > since 2003-2004.
> So the interest for it was driven by a windows port. KMDI is used elsewhere
> too. right? 
Kate, Quanta, KDevelop, Kyzis and others were using kmdi library but
in KDE 3.5 Kate does that no more, KDevelop 3.4 also doesn't. Same for Kyzis.
IIRC Quanta is the only one large application that still uses kmdi.

> Like in kate. is there an equivalent when moving to kde4/qt4?
For now there's no one gui library like kmdi for KDE4.

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