Debugger in 3.3.93

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Dec 13 13:17:12 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 15:52, Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello.
> AFAIK, Vladimir Prus deals mainly with debugger issues in kdevelop.
> I shall be really glad to know about the issue I reported a several days ago:
> ---------------------
> While in debugger - any attempt to step into any function (in another file, 
> may be this is importand?) leads to the debugger buttons unavailable in my 
> case. Plane gdb and 3.3.5 has no such problem.
> ---------------------
> I use FC6 with gdb 6.1.1 (I know - a bit old, 

Actually, very old.

> but I can not change it now, as  
> it is cross-debugger compiled with BDM target).

You mean it directly talks to BDM target, without using gdb's remote interface?
If it uses gdb remote interface, then any later gdb should probably work, provided
the architecture is supported in mainline CVS. Which architecture is that?

The only way to diagnose this is to:

	1. Go to gdb window, right click, select "show internal command", 
	select everything.
	2. Run kdebugdialog, disable everything except 9012 (kdevelop debugger)
	3. Run kdevelop again after (2) and redirect all output to a file.
	4. Send output from (1) and (3) to me.

But as I say, 6.1.1 is so old I'm not sure it can be used.

- Volodya

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