Debugger in 3.3.93

Leon Pollak leonp at
Wed Dec 13 12:52:51 GMT 2006


AFAIK, Vladimir Prus deals mainly with debugger issues in kdevelop.
I shall be really glad to know about the issue I reported a several days ago:
While in debugger - any attempt to step into any function (in another file, 
may be this is importand?) leads to the debugger buttons unavailable in my 
case. Plane gdb and 3.3.5 has no such problem.
I use FC6 with gdb 6.1.1 (I know - a bit old, but I can not change it now, as 
it is cross-debugger compiled with BDM target).

As this issue makes 3.3.93 (a real step ahead!) unusable for me, I shall be 
really glad to know what is going on with it...

Many thanks ahead.


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