variables view auto-lowering (Was: Remarks on 3.3.93)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Dec 12 18:35:18 GMT 2006

On 12.12.06 19:59:26, Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 December 2006 19:16, Roland Krause wrote:
> > >From a user's point of view this is obvious. If you can make a feature
> >
> > complete replacement for KMDI nobody will shed a tear when KMDI is
> > gone.
> Excuses, may be I am out of point, but full IDEAl interface is one of the best 
> things in KDevelop. I will strongly consider to move to some different IDE 
> without IDEAl.
> Sorry again if I am not in theme.

There's a replacement in place called Simple IDEAl, which lacks one or
two features of KMDI IDEAl's mode but is much less buggy. So its not as
if IDEAl would be completely gone.


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