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Agra Rizqa Cendra Jaya agrarizqac at
Wed Aug 9 10:41:17 BST 2006

Dear Sir,

I'm new to linux programming.

I have a code ( c++ code) and it use galib ( I've install galib on /usr/local/ -- there is /usr/local/include/ga and /usr/local/lib/ga )

I create a new project, and choose the create simple hello world program, give the application name "galib_test". Then I change the file galib.cpp ( contain main ()  ) with the code I attach. ANd then when I want to eecute the program, I klick "yes" button  to create automake and friends.

And the I receive many error...

The problem is, when I dont use kdevelop, the code can compiled perfectly... 
I use this command :

g++ -g -Wall -I /usr/local/include -c galib_test.cpp

g++ galib_test.o -o galib -L /usr/local/lib

Those command I take from the makefile provided by the galib creator. I attach the modified makefile too.

My question is, how to build my project using my own makefile ? is it possible ?

I'd tried to insert a modified makefile syntax on, and it works but... Is it OK? I'm affraid if I make some mistake at the it will make the the porject cannot run when the project becomes larger :)

Thanks you verry much.

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