Remote debugging: sync between launcher and debugger

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Sep 7 08:16:07 BST 2005

Leon Pollak wrote:

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> On Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:29:53 +0400 Vladimir Prus <ghost at> wrote:
>>> I put this in macro and run it when desired from the GDB window (!).
>>Hmm.. that's not a nice user interface. Do you think we can do something
>>to avoid using gdb window in this case? Say, allow the user to specify
>>"restart program gdb script"?
>>- Volodya
> Well, of course this may be done.
> But still, I think that GUI front end to the gdb does not need to be able
> to do everything which the gdb does. First, this is simply impossible,
> next
>  -why? I do not see something bad in gdb 'native' dialog. Vise versa, I
> consider it to be a very powerful feature. For example, the ability to
> process application data in the gdb is almost unique and very useful. In
> embedded development, the OS interface is very comfortable via gdb.

I don't think that direct gdb interface should be removed. But I just find
it bad that we need to require gdb command for something as common as
"restart program". That operation always has a button in toolbar, and it's
easier to click the button than type a command to gdb.

Personally, I'm plan to show KDevelop to some users that do embedded
development, but don't use gdb and I doubt that "you need to type
"restart"" here is a nice statement to make ;-)

- Volodya

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