ClearCase integration with QMake project

Patrick Noffke patrickn at
Fri Sep 2 01:40:46 BST 2005

Does anyone know how to make ClearCase integration work with a QMake project?  I'm using ClearCase 2003.06.01, and I'm working within dynamic views.  My KDevelop version is 3.2.2 on a FC3 host, KDE version 3.4.2-0.fc3.2 Red Hat.

I've manually added my files to clearcase, then reopened the project, and the QMake manager doesn't seem to recognize it's within ClearCase.  When I try this with Subversion, after adding the files to a subversion repository, a subversion context menu appears within the QMake manager.  Personally, I'd rather use subversion, but there are politics...

Could someone please point me to where to look to attempt fixing/debugging this?  Or is there anything else I could try within KDevelop?

There are other problems with working in a dynamic ClearCase view as well.  KDevelop's file tree doesn't show the files, and the file picker doesn't show files either.

I haven't tried a snapshot view yet -- we'd prefer to work in dynamic views, but snapshot views are an option if we have to go that way.


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