New version problems

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jun 5 18:49:06 BST 2005

On 05.Jun 2005 - 18:51:00, leonp at wrote:
> On Sunday, 5 בJune 2005 16:32, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Ok, and the other kdevelop was a Distribution supplied one right? That
> > could be the problem, because it resides in $KDEDIR and thus the
> > self-installed kdevelop and the system-installed interfere. You have to
> > deinstall the system version if you want to use the self compiled...
> Hmm... Not good.
> If there is no way to have two versions, how one can test the new one and 
> switch back to the stable in the case of troubles? 

Sure there is: Install both versions into independent paths and neither
into $KDEDIR. That implies that you can't use distribution-supplied
packages as they are installed into $KDEDIR (i.e. /usr in many cases)
and you need to have $KDEDIR in $KDEDIRS for the self compiled version
to work. This of course leaves you with a system config where for each
plugin there are 2 "versions" and from my experience, kdevelop doesn't
like that.

> This is exactly I am afraid of...:-(

What distro are you using? Normally removing the kdevelop version
supplied by distro-packages is not a problem at all. If you find that
the new kdevelop doesn't work just reinstall the distro package. I did
that quite often here, while experimenting with 2 versions installed and
never lost any config...

> > I had similar problems when switching from Debian-supplied kdevelop3 to
> > self compiled. At the end I deinstalled kdevelop3 completely and am
> > happy with it..
> Can someone promice that I shall be able to work afterwords? :-))

I can't but so far even kdevelop SVN HEAD is pretty stable :-)


You are always busy.

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