shared libraries?

David Ohlemacher ohlemacher at
Wed Jul 27 18:54:45 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I have a project with several static libraries and two executables.  I 
would like to make one or more libraries shared.  The intent is to be 
able to update source in that library and have to only rebuild it, not 
the whole executable. Actually we are #including a file into the body of 
a function, in the library to be shared, with some logic rules the user 
can change. The user is another developer.  We are trying to minimize 
the number of files that can be touched to meet an outside requirement.

How do I get automake manager to do this for me (make a shared lib)?   
If I modify the library's options to enable -module, it fails to compile:

src/analysistest/ variable `libanalysistest_a_LIBADD' is 
defined but no program or
src/analysistest/ library has `libanalysistest_a' as 
canonic name (possible typo)

Any suggestions?  URLs?


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