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Harald Nikolisin harald.nikolisin at
Wed Jul 27 11:28:16 UTC 2005

and above all since many years the GCC under Linux is not able to stop
at breakpoints in a constructor!
I read some blabla at GCC-lists, why it's a problem, for me sounds very
lazy (no I'm not able to fix it by myself, it's a pity)
GCC on Mac OS X is able to stop and Visual C++ under Windows also.

Maybe ICC is better, but then you have the complete overhead with
specific libraries which are not available at the target computers and
so on.

That's really a very negative impression when Visual folks see this
behaviour on a KDevelop environment, although KDevelop is not
responsible for it.


leonp at schrieb:

>Hello, all.
>I think this will be nice to have the following options/features in debugger:
>1. Mouse pointer hoovering over a variable causes its value to appear in some 
>callout/balloon (as in ddd);
>2. An option to view memory starting from the variable address, while the 
>variable may be pointed out in source or in watch windows (by right click 
>3. Memory window can remember its last call parameters.
>Any comments?

mit freundlichen Grüssen / with kind regards
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Nikolisin


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