can't make code completion work

Boris Gorelik bgbg at
Thu Jul 21 07:48:52 UTC 2005

I give up.
kdevelop 3.1.2 using kde 3.3.2 (mandriva 2005LE).
Here what I do:
Project -> project options -> C/C++ specific->code completion ->
("automatic code completion" and "automatic arguments hint" are checked)
add persistant class store-> kde custom directory pcs importer -> 
add /usr/include/c++/3.4.3 (recursive)

And nevertheless, the code completion doesn't work. For example given a 
std::vector<int> vec, whenever I type "vec.", there is a message in the 
status area (the lower left corner of kdevelop window) that says "Type of vec 
is vector", and nothing happens. 

Any ideas?

Boris Gorelik
Thursday, 21 July 2005, 14 Tamuz 5765
-=  =-

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