stack problem

Nikolay Melekhin nikolay_melehin at
Mon Jul 11 12:20:25 BST 2005

> I use some extremely large arrays like : int myArray[myconst] and 
> myconst can be eg. 1000000. My total amount of space required for an 
> instance of the class is about 26,6 MB. I am reusing code which I have 
> not written myself and I am not supposed to change to much.
My first advise:
Don't copy through stack such big structure use references and pointers.

Second advise:
If your project is automake based then open Project -> Project Settings -> 
Configure settings. Select your build configuration and on C tab in field 
"Compiler settings (CFLAGS)" and on C++ tab in field "Compiler settings 
(CXXFLAGS)" enter -mmax-stack-frame=10000000

For custom makefile based project use CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS variable in your makefile.

   Best regards, Nikolay Melekhin
   nikolay_melehin at

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